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2016-09-22 07:23
When I hear the word autumn, I think of Japan. Yes, their cherry blossom is the world famous, but the Japanese autumn is my most amazing memory of the vivid, red colours that our Mother… Read More
2016-06-03 19:11
3 months ago, Kai, a beautiful, positive 5 year-old child, unable to walk, touched many hearts in the UK with his story and the warmest smile in the world. Due to cuts in the British healthc… Read More
2015-12-25 08:53
This is a Croatian Licitar, a biscuit made of honey dough, that has been produced in Croatia for hundreds of years. Even though Licitars are made of edible ingredients, we don’t eat th… Read More
2015-12-01 11:53
A few hours later the history repeated itself. However, at that hour the child had had a few hours of sleep in her eyes and wouldn't give up her demands. The poor creature kept screaming, '… Read More
2015-09-13 08:46
It was a late evening in Tokyo. Heavy clouds wrapped the city in a grey robe and the darkness intensified the dullness. All we needed was a warm, cozy shelter to enjoy some good food. Luckil… Read More
2015-08-06 05:06
The road in Amargosa Valley cuts the desert in a straight line. Misty mountains wriggle in the far distance and the yellowish valley, sprinkled with scarce plants, outspreads to the infinity… Read More

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