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10 Minute Challenge: Balance + Nature
2015-07-03 21:04
Here’s a new wellness challenge for you. Take a little time for yourself and play with balance and nature this week. Balance is a great addition to any fitness program. If you attend… Read More
Kale Chips With Lemon Essential Oil
2015-06-30 21:27
Kale chips are a great healthy snack. You can add a yummy flavor using lemon essential oil. You’ll need: 1 bunch Kale, washed, dried, and torn into small pieces 2 T. Olive Oil 5 d… Read More
Retreat Box Winners
2015-06-05 22:30
Congrats everyone! The winners of this month’s box are commenters 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 Shelly Jacob Shamy Ashley Lignitz Dee Dee  Amy And the winner of the month of Meal Mentor goes to… Read More
2015-06-03 23:06
I thought I’d share some of our favorite documentaries about eating a plant based diet. They’ve been helpful for understanding the “why’s” and “… Read More
10 Minute Challenge: Wall Sit + Doodle
2015-06-01 20:41
Ready for another wellness and creativity challenge? Today’s challenge is a fun one inspired by Instagrammer @UrbanCrunch. She posted that she was sketching her Insta feed and I… Read More
Retreat Yourself: Bloom & Grow
2015-05-29 19:00
We found some time between rain storms to get our garden planted and I’ve got gardening on the brain now. Do you grow anything? It can be so therapeutic, not mention a healthy way to p… Read More
Friday Favorites: DIY Garden Markers
2015-05-22 19:00
It’s been so rainy here, we haven’t been able to work much in our garden. We’re in a community garden this year and excited to give it a try. We’re hoping to get it g… Read More
DIY: European Style Hand Tied Flowers
2015-05-20 19:00
Make grocery store flowers look like a custom bouquet with these techniques I picked up working for a florist in Switzerland. When I was in college I studied french. As part of my language… Read More

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