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2016-07-29 17:42
Oh, how things have changed, my friend. And then some things stay the same. Still have the two gorgeous kiddos – Max is seven and Kate is three and a half going on 47.  … Read More
2014-04-16 11:15
I’ve been thinking about this poor blog. I couldn’t leave her with that last sad post. So much has happened. So much has changed. Max is healthy and happy and five years old and… Read More
2011-03-13 07:02
Hi Dad, Today is one of those days I would love to have you around, if for no other reason but to hear you laugh. Max has been squinting for the last week or so. It has had me more than worr… Read More
2011-02-23 20:58
The following returns me to my roots of blogging. I just need to talk it out and you can come for the ride or not. It’s not pretty below and not all that entertaining. After two months… Read More
2010-11-10 10:20
I just did something amazing. For the first time in 18 months, I thought “hey, I need a shower” and then proceeded to do just that.  There was no need to coordinate “e… Read More
2010-11-05 08:07
Holy scheisse. My kid is 18 months old today.  When did that happen? I’ve said this before. This is the age where parents decide to have another kid because the kid is so much fun… Read More
2010-11-02 08:25
The Hyatt came and went. The company was top notch, but sadly the Hyatt itself, failed.  The reservations got screwed up by the hotel staff, my room had been smoked in, the facial burne… Read More
2010-10-21 18:12
Max was up at 3:30 am last night.  He went back to sleep around  4:00 am.  I fell back to sleep around 6:30 and he was up at 7 am. I didn’t get much sleep with Sparky&rs&hell…Read More

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HeisseScheisse – Fuck the gazelles, I'm running solo


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