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2010-05-10 03:09
I know, I know, a few shudder to think of the havoc this could bring to a household! If you dog already uses his/her voice on cue, then work on different levels of it “whisper…… Read More
2010-05-06 00:10
Now that we have fast offered drops, let’s start to add the cue. When you expect your dog to drop, give the cue. Click for the behavior, reinforce in position (under his chin). If you… Read More
2010-04-28 18:09
Is your dog readily offering downs while you are slowly moving backwards? If not…keep at the previous step. If your dog is doing well, increase your speed a little bit every few rep… Read More
2010-04-28 01:19
Do a quick “offered downs” session. After your dog eats the treat, is he immediately going into a Down or is he thinking other thoughts first? If he is immediately going down… Read More
2010-04-28 01:18
This week at Megan’s request we’ll be teaching or perfecting aspects of a “Drop on Recall” exercise. The specific aspect of this that we will be working on is the dog… Read More
2010-04-20 04:39
Inspired by a photographer friend (or two) who taught dogs to “go hide” behind something so the photos are not always of dog schnozzes, this week’s challenge is “go h… Read More
2010-03-29 01:21
This week it is time for an often-used obedience behavior. Front! For those with a perfect front (definitely not us) or those who really want to solidify the dog’s understanding of f… Read More
2010-03-26 16:29
Here’s a video clip of me working with all three dogs (separately!). I was clicking for extended touches, even if it was “open mouth” or “side of mouth”. I was… Read More

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Go Click Challenge | A "clickerly" training challenge blog. Open to the public!


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