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Party! Party! Party!
2016-09-10 18:31
Wow, only 3 months since our last post, not too shaby ! Looks like we’re finally getting back to a more normal schedule, although it helps that summer is always jam packed with advent… Read More
Spring Into Adventures!
2016-05-28 16:52
Alright alright ! I know, it’s terrible, it’s been almost 5 months, but hey, at least we’re on pace to do better than twice a year. Well a lot has happened since the begin… Read More
Christmas In Paris
2016-01-16 23:10
Well, it’s been almost a month, and we figured we would start the New Year off right with trying to blog at least once a month (this has sometimes been successful in the past, so why… Read More
Busy With Baby
2015-12-13 21:40
Well, evidently, having a baby cuts down on the time we have to blog about things, nevertheless, I am determined to continue to chronicle the epic saga that is our life. My apologies if the… Read More
Catching Up On Summer And Sleep
2015-08-30 19:34
So it’s been a while (like 6 months) since we updated you on our adventures. Our mini-series about Europe took much longer to finish than we had anticipated, so now we’re back t… Read More
EuroTrip Wrap-up #2
2015-06-17 00:45
Paris Ultimately, one of the main reasons for this whole trip was Joe’s childhood friend getting married. So when we arrived in Paris, we were in known territory. We eventually made… Read More
EuroTrip Wrap-up #1
2015-06-15 21:59
OK, so it’s taken us almost an entire year to write up our EuroTrip adventures, so in the interest of time, we’ll just have to give the highlights of the last portion of our tri… Read More
2015-05-03 21:48
It’s about time I get back to our mini-series. I suppose soon enough we’ll have to just do the highlights as it’s been almost a year since our trip and we’re only ha… Read More
Interlude – The Night Train
2015-02-14 20:16
Thanks for following the blog, we now return to our regularly scheduled EuroTrip 2014 feature… The blue Danube in Vienna We arrived in our sleeper train cabin in the Vienna train sta… Read More
A Rocky New Year’s Eve
2015-02-08 22:34
New Year’s Eve I’ve found that New Year’s Eve parties tend to be in two camps in the US. Either folks don’t even bother and barely make it to midnight or it’s… Read More

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