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2016-10-21 16:11
I just realized that with my middle one having a doctor appointment at 2 p.m. in Jackson, I don’t know if I’ll get home in time to catch the y9ungest one off the bus. SO I w… Read More
2016-10-20 20:46
I feel kind of sick to my stomach today.  I ran out of my reflux medicine and thought I had more but I actually had to wait until today and buy more.  So I don&rsquo&hell…Read More
2016-10-19 19:26
So my talk went well yesterday.  It wasn’t so much about me running a LifeGroup as it was my helping write curriculum for classes at the church.  SO that sounded good as well… Read More
2016-10-18 17:12
I seem to be in a depressive state.  I’m sleeping a lot and not being very productive the time that I’m awake. I did find out something amazing this week–I googled mys… Read More
2016-10-17 18:45
I finally got out of bed at 12:30 this afternoon.  Just in time  to see Bob come in and talk to him for a bit.  I’m eating some lunch now and wondering what I’m go… Read More
2016-10-14 22:13
SO I slept in this morning before going to therapy.  I just didn’t want to do anything at all.  But I did have a good session.  I talked about how angry Bob had made me… Read More
2016-10-13 20:26
I don’t want to be a writer today.  I just feel horrid about it.  Why am I even bothering?  Every time I think I have this rejection thing down pat, along comes one that… Read More
2016-10-12 18:12
So now I am signed up to chaperone a school trip to Atlanta next year.  I hate this.  Bob talked me into it by talking about how his mother wanted to go because she had done this s… Read More
2016-10-11 14:53
So after getting reads from a couple of people in my creative writing program, I sent off my article to the BIG magazine and will wait and see what happens to it.  I would so love the e… Read More
2016-10-10 15:47
The kids are out of school, but we’re not slowing down.  The middle one had a doctor’s appointment this morning for her sinus infection, and the oldest has an appointment th… Read More

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