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2012-08-22 00:30
This wordpress has been severely neglected for months, and for that I apologize. It’s much faster and easier to post updates on tumblr, so I’ve been using mostly that. http://spa… Read More
Quick Art Update
2011-12-06 03:30
Texture/pattern portrait of Clint Eastwood as the Man With no Name. “Octoblob” — Experimenting with paints and ink… Threw on some color then tried to make them in… Read More
New Meat Bun Shirts With My Designs
2011-09-12 19:32
Meat Bun, known for their stylish video game T-shirts, has just released their 20XX Line. I drew four of the designs! Three were commissioned by Meat Bun (Real Soviet Damage, Honda Onsen and… Read More
Game Center CX Fan Art Mission Complete
2011-09-10 11:17
I’ve been a fan of Game Center CX for years. So when Arino-Kacho and the crew held an event in Los Angeles this week for a special episode (details yet to be announced) that’s g… Read More
Powell Street Festival Appearance
2011-07-30 05:37
I will be speaking at the Powell Street Festival, an annual celebration of Japanese-Canadian culture in Vancouver. 12:30 PM at the Firehall Studio on July 29, Saturday. Unlike the ads say… Read More
“My Deadbeat Dad”
2011-06-20 20:01
Here’s a short story drawn by me and written by Ian Boothby (writer of the Simpsons Death Note parody I penciled and nominee of three Eisner Awards this year!). Uploaded for your enjoy… Read More
Gamedeals Is Open And So’s My Art!
2011-05-20 21:39
It looks sweet! I was chosen to do the art a week before the store opening. I came up with the concept, they picked the characters, and I drew it on the weekend. I’ve never seen suc… Read More
2011-05-19 01:05
Fellow Vancouverites! If you’re free this Friday, come to Gamdeals‘ new location in Gastown (across the famous steam clock). They’re a store that specializes in retro video… Read More

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intergalactic messages | blog by comic artist nina matsumoto


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