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I've Been Making Stuff That's Sew Rad!!
2013-06-28 14:07
Ok, so, mildly cheesy blog title.  Also the name of my new shop!  That's Sew Rad.  After all these months, nay- YEARS of saying I'd open an etsy shop, I've finally done it. It… Read More
2013-02-21 10:00
Today is my baby's birthday.  She's not a baby anymore, as she so huffily reminds me.  But, as you parents understand, she's my baby.  And today she is 9.  She's a sassy… Read More
Is It Too Late To Diet?
2013-02-21 03:29
We're going on a cruise!!I've never been on a cruise.I mean, I know people who've been on cruises.They say they're fun.I'm hoping I'll be feeling like this:But because I know me so well, I'm… Read More
2013-01-28 20:43
So recently The Hubs and I have been keeping a keen eye on our health.  Because when we dress in the mornings (or, um, mid afternoons in my case) and we see this great big sack of sludg… Read More
2013-01-12 18:31
I'm just going to jump into writing this and act like I haven't ignored this blog for like 17 years, k?It's Saturday and I'm here in the Apple store, waiting on certain persons (read: my hus… Read More
2012-10-17 15:28
Once upon a time, I used to write these lists.  Sometimes they were confessions, mostly they were just inane nonsense. 1.  We put the comforter in our duvet.  So, clearly we a… Read More
2012-10-11 22:22
That is today's date.  You're welcome for pointing out the obvious.  I aim to be helpful.For fun, here are 12 random things, for your eyeballs' enjoyment.  Eyeball's?  Ey… Read More
2012-08-27 01:45
Normally I eschew the front side of the camera, but today I asked my awesome Hubs to snap a quick pic of me so you fine readers can see the difference a year makes.  Also, I was a wee b… Read More
2012-08-20 18:19
...there lived a girl with responsibilities.  Laundry to wash.  Floors to mop.  Fresh veggies to chop for that night's supper. And then she was introduced to Doctor Who… Read More

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