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Five Things Make A Post (August 2016)
2016-08-16 21:18
1. Je practique mon français. (If you hover over the sentence, it should show the English.) I had three errors in my first try at that sentence- I’d stuck ‘suis’ in… Read More
Five Things Make A Post (July 2016, #2)
2016-07-30 19:20
1. I won Camp NaNo! Okay, so my goal was only 15k. But I wrote 15,832 words! In a month! Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve done that? Fucking ages. It’s probably 9… Read More
*Semi Incoherent Screeching*
2016-07-25 17:19
My wands are here!!! Context: I fell in love with the Potter-style wands made by Marandi Li of Praeclarus Wands, well, ages ago, and I got myself added to the waiting list back in September… Read More
The Painted Bridge ★★★☆☆
2016-07-18 21:01
The Painted Bridge by Wendy Wallace is primarily the story of Mrs Anna Palmer, a young woman tricked into entering an asylum by her older husband in Victorian England. In retrospect, this ma… Read More
In The Woods ★★★☆☆
2016-07-18 20:14
In the Woods by Tana French was a gripping read; I cracked the book open before bed, intending to read a chapter, and was up until 3 in the morning. And, for all its cliches, I think it&rsqu&hell…Read More
Five Things Make A Post (July 2016)
2016-07-14 17:35
1. The tingling in my right lower shoulder blade is back. Not constantly, but persistently, and it’s both itchy and numb, as well as really fucking annoying. Yes, it is better than hav… Read More
Roses And Rot ★★★★☆
2016-06-25 16:25
I got Kat Howard’s debut novel Roses and Rot during a 20 minute Barnes & Noble binge in June, after having seen it mentioned on’s blog repeatedly and being intrigued… Read More
Musings On A Hypothetical Pagan Store
2016-06-01 03:05
For years and years I’ve toyed with opening a pagan store “someday”. (Like a large quantity of the pagan population, I suspect.) It’s mostly an abstract idea; I have… Read More
2016-05-27 21:10
I’ve decided to keep a log of my research and post it here for a number of reasons. Primarily because it’ll keep me organized, but also because it puts the resources out there fo… Read More

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