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2014-08-27 23:41
Hoowwwwdy!! I thought I'd come say hi. This feels a little weird. Technically it's only been a matter of months since I've blogged on this blog, but I thought I'm come around just in ca… Read More
That Time I Quit Blogging For A Month
2014-04-08 03:25
The fact is, this semester has just plain sucked. I haven't been my best self. I've been self loathing. I've overindulged in my own problems. I've let a crappy professor dictate how I feel a… Read More
Snowed In
2014-03-02 22:05
When imagining the best present in the entire world, I might first picture something like a mountain of cinnamon rolls, a Mac desktop, the camera of my dreams, coffee by the truckload, love… Read More
The Weight Of It Allllllllll
2014-02-27 05:26
Maybe it's the record amounts of snow we are getting (after a record warm January last month) and the sheer amount of crazy happening in all my classes, but I am feeling a little (a lot) str… Read More
2014-02-22 21:18
The past month. Writing, constantly and obsessively. Pages and pages and pages. No fewer than three separate word documents on my screen at one point. Five research essays each week; memoir… Read More
2014-02-12 00:24
Prepare yourself for a post mostly about nothing. On Tuesdays and Thursdays this semester, I have eight glorious hours of classes in a row without a break. There's nothing better than ei… Read More
The Most Pretentious Thing I've Ever Done
2014-02-09 19:50
Wanna hear a joke? I am writing a memoir. For class. It seems absurdly out of the question to be expected to produce a memoir in a semester's amount of time as an undergraduate creative… Read More
2014-02-07 20:29
These past two weeks of school have just been plain funky. Yesterday, in the course of three hours, my roommate totaled her car and the University of Montana had their first ever 'lockdown… Read More
You've Got Something I Need
2014-02-03 20:45
Things that deserve a round of applause include: fresh snow after a March feeling January (because there's nothing like winter that looks AND feels like winter), new music, The Fault in Our… Read More
My Wretched Self
2014-02-01 21:53
This week was pretty crappy. I let the wretched parts of myself dictate my mood and how I reacted to things that were happening. I debated dropping my creative writing non-fiction class beca… Read More

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