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Enhanced Frida Gustavsson
2011-10-08 12:09
I found an unedited photo of the model Frida Gustavsson which I made two version of; [Click the image for larger comparison, Click here for full view] First I made a simply retouch version… Read More
2011-08-28 14:25
I must admit that I’m getting a bit tired of starting my entries with “sorry I haven’t been around”; but what’s a girl to do. This summer I haven’t publis… Read More
2011-04-13 01:56
I’m currently in between games while waiting for The Witcher II to release (not many days left now!) and I can’t really find the inspiration to write about anything as of now. Ch… Read More
2011-03-20 05:23
Let me start off by saying that there will be no spoilers, so even if you haven’t played Origins this will be safe for you. I pre-ordered this game months before it came out and got th… Read More
H&M News
2010-09-24 02:33
What do you think about H&M’s new campaign called Fall Fashion? Personally I love it because it’s not as gloomy as autumn fashion usually is. While there is black and some mu… Read More
2010-08-18 00:09
I just realised that if I google “oblivion alinor” my blog is the first link that shows up. Of course that might be because google knows that I’m looking for it but anyway… Read More
2010-08-17 01:11
As of recent I find myself thinking more about my blog than usual. I’m guessing this is the second day in a row, that I’ve posted something, in a long time… probably month… Read More
2010-07-22 23:26
As of now I’m sitting half-naked and coughing my lungs up. The reason for this is because I have the most annoying cold ever, I got it in a fun way (kinda) but still. Last week I volun… Read More
New Retouch
2010-07-04 17:57
I made an example at a retouched image a couple of days ago and I thought I’d show it off in here as well ^^ It says Hethert because that’s my username at a number of sites incl… Read More

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