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Home Sweet Home
2011-08-13 20:00
After a long flight, we are finally home in Toronto.  Our mini-retirement complete.  Back to life and reality.  Only I’ve decided to create a new reality.  I’… Read More
Farewell Marseillan
2011-08-12 20:00
Tomorrow we go home – sniff, sniff.  My blog is no longer a week behind schedule.  I’m real-time now.  I have to admit that I’m sad to say goodbye to Marseil… Read More
Bikes, Beaches & Battles
2011-08-11 20:00
The countdown has begun…we only have a few days remaining in Marseillan.  We’ve decided to take things easy and hang around this wonderful village.  We rented some bik… Read More
Les Nuits Celtiques
2011-08-10 20:00
Angel #1 is quite the photographer. Marseillan is such an incredible little village.  And, they sure know how to throw one hell of a party.  We just had 2 nights in a row of Cel… Read More
2011-08-09 20:00
Nine sleeps left and then it’s time to make the long trek back to Toronto.  Going home means getting back to reality…this I am not looking forward to.  I am, however… Read More
Chris Part Deux
2011-08-08 20:00
Picture of Chris as he is writing this entry. I guess I am half geek too! I’ve decided to let Chris guest post again on the blog. (I guess his driving has been okay.)  Enjoy … Read More
Fiesta Marseillan
2011-08-07 20:00
We hung around the village all day today.  We took my parents on a really long walk (almost 5 km) to the lighthouse.  I was pointing out all my favourite houses to Mom.  She a… Read More
Giant Omelette
2011-08-06 20:00
All day Chris was trying to convince me that tonight’s party in the square down by the port was a Guinness Book of World Records party.  Turns out there is a company that goes aro… Read More
Fete De L’Huitres
2011-08-05 20:00
I'm a young Picasso in training. I wanted to take my parents to the Jardin de Naris.  This was our second time dining at this restaurant.  This time I made sure to reserve a spo… Read More
Re-Discovering Marseillan
2011-08-04 20:00
Bienvenue a Marseillan…with my parents in town, it’s like everything is new for us.  We are walking them around the village taking them through our daily routine.  We… Read More

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