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What If The Tots Moved?
2010-11-06 04:36
We are going through some pretty serious changes around here and one of those changes is move.  I was explaining to tot B as he was asking about geographical location (he alwa… Read More
The Spaghetti In Squash
2010-09-30 01:51
Last week I did some pretty intense travelling. First my family and I camped out in a hotel in Vancouver in order for me to get a medical examination (I am in the process of applying for a g… Read More
Cooking At Gramma's House
2010-09-24 21:41
It has been some time that I have made something just for the fun of it. We have mostly been in survival mode since moving to my father's and adopting a rather unorthodox schedule… Read More
Shucking Corn By The Tots...
2010-09-15 17:00
A simple little look into how they mimic me. They know that I peel the husks back but they don't know why or how but they get that it needs to be done. This was a fun and simple way to inclu… Read More
Prague Street Vendors
2010-09-09 19:41
Not quite home yet, but here are some pretty pictures from my trip.PS in my absence something happened with one of the blog search engines that I had affiliated with my site. I hav… Read More
2010-08-28 04:11
Well that is a pretty bold statement and there are a lot of things that I haven't done in some time but my biggest concern is the family food situation. Since moving to my father's both my h… Read More
Brutally Honest.
2010-08-28 03:19
I was determined to make a proper meal for my tots this evening...that was the plan... I even declared it in my blog. I set an intention.Why do intentions have a way of getting derailed… Read More
Beg, Borrow & Steal
2010-08-18 02:39
My computer situation has been quite dire since moving to an island... Mine broke the day before I left making blogging pretty difficult. I have been getting by with limited use of my husban… Read More
2010-07-25 21:24
Here I am in my yard with nothing much to do... we are having a yard sale, I kinda just have to sit here and wait. We don't live on a busy street and I only started advertising the day befor… Read More

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