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2010-10-27 20:27
James is 16 months! And I almost forgot. I was still telling people he was fifteen months until yesterday and he turned 16 months 3 days prior to that. He will have plenty of fodder for his… Read More
2010-09-23 20:56
James is 15 months today. He is still not walking, but will walk much further as long as he has two hands to hold while he does it, or a hand and a piece of furniture. Today was big progress… Read More
2010-09-18 15:01
Now that Nathan is in school James and I are getting some real quality time. I was kind of worried about this, because it is much easier to care for an almost toddler wit… Read More
2010-09-08 15:55
My husband informs me I need to update this blog. Okay, then.Nathan started preschool last week. He was pretty excited about it last spring- when he finished up his toddler class he would lo… Read More
2010-08-04 20:27
Nathan is dropping his nap, and after the nightmare bedtime battles I think, well, so what? I am just so grateful not to be fighting him at bedtime anymore, and the days he doesn't nap I rea… Read More
2010-07-28 15:58
That was my first sentence. It makes me so happy that Nathan is such a big reader- he goes to bed with several Richard Scarry books every night and has a few original Curious George stories… Read More
2010-07-17 01:46
So, last night I bit the bullet and put both boys down together and resolved to not stay in the room anymore no matter what Nathan did. If he got up and left the room, I'd return him to bed… Read More
2010-07-13 15:29
I did not really realize that I've been a very patient, kind, and loving mother up until a few weeks ago. But y'all, I have! I have always been really nice and never viciously yelled at my c… Read More
2010-07-03 20:24
I cannot think of a coherent post, but when has that ever stopped me?-James is talking. Dog, more, all done, Bana (banana), Dada, Hi, and Down (which he will say if you say Up- he likes to s… Read More
2010-06-21 15:53
It's James' birthday on Wednesday (two more days!) and I feel like I should post something. This year has gone by so fast, and it has been so much better than I thought it would be. James is… Read More

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