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Dr Mike's online collection of free printable math games for kids - kindergarten, elementary, all ages. Teach kids math through play!
2016-10-09 10:06
This is a printable puzzle based on Latin Squares. The goal is to arrange the colored shapes on the grid, following certain rules. For example, each row should have one of each shape, and on… Read More
2016-08-28 09:06
The 249 Sided Polygon Puzzle is not a single puzzle, but a whole bunch of pen-and-paper challenges packed into a single download. It was created by Mac Oglesby, a retired math teacher, who k… Read More
2016-08-20 08:13
The Knight's Tour is a classic chess puzzle. You start by tapping or clicking the board to place a knight. Then you must move the knight around, visiting as many squares as possible, exactly… Read More
2016-08-07 12:58
In the Android Version of the 8 Queens Puzzle you start by trying to put four queens on a 4 by 4 chess board. Once you've solved this, you can unlock the 5 by 5 board and try to solve that t… Read More
2016-07-30 04:34
The challenge of the Eight Queens Puzzle is to place eight queens on a chessboard, so that none of the queens are attacking any of the others. On my eight queens puzzle page, there's an onli… Read More
2016-04-07 13:49
The Stomachion, or Ostomachion (literally Bone Fight) is a puzzle like the Tangram, but invented by the ancient Greeks. It has twice as many pieces, so there's many many more patterns it can… Read More
2016-04-07 13:43
The Tangram Puzzle is a simple jigsaw puzzle that originated in China over 1000 years ago. Despite its apparent simplicity, there are a huge number of patterns the pieces can be arranged int… Read More
2015-11-29 14:34
In Roman Attack, you defend the world against an onslaught of numbers! The game helps you practise converting numbers between Roman form and the more usual "Arabic" form. The game has three… Read More
2015-11-29 14:29
Arith Attack is a game to train up your mental arithmetic skills. Arithmetic problems descend from the top of the screen, as you solve them you score points. The longer you play, the harder… Read More
2015-11-07 07:26
The Nine Tile Puzzle is a simple enough puzzle - download and print the puzzle tiles, then try to arrange them so that the symbols on the edges match. Sound simple? Try it then! There are al… Read More

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Dr Mike's Math Games for Kids | Dr Mike's Math Games for Kids


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