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Gabriel’s Birth Story
2015-08-29 12:36
I know, the last time you heard from me was with a pregnancy announcement, but as much as I don’t even find time to scratch myself these days, I do miss writing, and do hope one day I… Read More
I’m Still Here…
2014-11-10 01:53
And it’s been so ridiculously long.  I never thought I would just stop writing in this space, with a bunch of drafts saved that never got finished! We’ve had trips, we&rsquo&hell…Read More
3 Mile Run!
2014-03-26 15:18
So I only got a couple of workouts in since leaving DC, because turns out taking care of this chick full time takes a lot of time…  (She’s lucky she’s cute, huh?) W… Read More
Almost A Month In Rio
2014-01-17 13:05
I’ve been thinking about the blog so much lately – I WANT to write, and at the same time I feel like there’s nothing to write about. Remember when I used to run?  Sinc… Read More
We Are Home!
2013-12-31 11:31
For the next two years, this is our view… I cannot believe how lucky we are! (We have no internet, so posting from the wordpress app. Sorry if things look a bit wonky. I’m post… Read More
It’s Time.
2013-12-17 03:21
If moving isn’t usually stressful enough, you get a dog throwing up 2 weeks ago and hearing the vet say words like “surgery” (luckily, there was no need), you have your mov… Read More
45 Days.  Commence Freak Out.
2013-11-06 17:49
When I first set up my countdown app for our move to Brazil, it seemed like such a long way out – Ellie wasn’t even born yet! And here we are, 5 months after leaving Manila, 4 m… Read More
Back To Normal Life?
2013-09-23 01:49
Remember how I used to blog here?  And share about my trips?  And runs?  And other random crap? I’m finally “settled” in DC, I had my parents in town for the… Read More
2013-08-17 09:28
Well, technically there’s still a marathon, I just no longer will be running it. Yes, it makes me feel like an absolute and complete failure and it makes me wonder if I’ll ever… Read More
Leaving Manila…
2013-08-05 17:07
A very rare moment here in our place:  Ellie is asleep, during the day, in her crib (!!!) and I have two (TWO!) free hands.  Have I mentioned how much I miss typing with two hands?… Read More

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