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Why Living Day To Day Is Hard
2016-10-04 17:11
I always try to live each day as a new fresh start. Another day of adventure and experience. I try so hard not to let the thoughts of what if creep into my thoughts. It isn't as easy as it s… Read More
Sensible Vs Emotional Brain
2016-04-15 14:22
As I meander through everyday life, I am often bewildered by my surroundings. Many times I feel as if life is totally passing me by. Sometimes I cant even remember how I got where I am. I ke… Read More
Searching For A Box To Think Outside Of
2016-04-14 02:18
Having a child with special needs can be very challenging. Many times we speak of ignorance and anger about other peoples reactions. It took me many years to truly understand the definition… Read More
Sometimes The Truth Hurts
2016-02-29 16:24
I wanted to write to say thank you to all those who supported My Hero Charlie during the blabathon. What started as a 24 hr blab ended up being 223 hours. We raised almost 3000 dollars betwe… Read More
2016-02-09 21:31
Charles was not feeling well this morning. He asked me to get him food and by the time I got to his room with food, he was asleep again.  It is days like this that make my heart cry.I w… Read More
Always Gotta Look In The Bright Side
2016-02-05 04:30
I got a new pill crusher that works amazing! His Nexium was finally approved!AND.................I talked to Rob Gorski (@The_Autism_Dad)! You might be wondering why I talked to hi… Read More
The Cold Hard Truth
2016-02-05 04:22
Many people ask me how my boy is feeling today and I honestly wish I could say,"He is doing awesome!" But.. The truth remains that he suffers everyday in some way or another.Today he is just… Read More
Why I Haven't Been Blogging.......
2016-02-04 06:17
Lately blogging seems a bit boring. I am not sure how much I can say that isn't as repetitive as a kaleidoscope pattern. Everyday I awake to hearing the same words, "I don't feel good." The… Read More

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