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2010-02-22 18:18
Wow, where do I begin? Sorry to leave everyone hanging out there like that... my wonderful son entered the world 2 1/2 weeks early, on October 24, 2009. He is my light and my life. My wor… Read More
36 Weeks - 1 Month Left!
2009-10-06 21:12
I haven't been updating in a while... trying to get everything in order before my little boy arrives in only 4 weeks! I just had a maternity photo shoot last Thursday (35 weeks preggo) and t… Read More
Moving Along!
2009-08-17 16:06
Here I am with nearly 11 weeks to go. Pretty soon I'll be in single digit weeks! I feel great, but the anxiousness of his arrival is growing daily. I do notice it's harder to maneuver thi… Read More
2009-07-31 11:54
Yeah baby, I am in double digits counting down until Baby Carpio is born! In weeks, that equates to only 14 as of this coming Wednesday. Heck, that's shorter than most of my contest prep p… Read More
2009-07-22 21:49
Since I haven't posted any details of my workouts in a while, here's an excerpt of what I did last week. In fact, starting last week, I decided to pair two bodyparts together and work them i… Read More
It's A Boy!!!!!
2009-06-22 14:44
Just got back from the US appointment this morning. Yay, it's a little baby boy and we are so excited! I was right on the guess, and so were 99% of our friends and family. About 30 boy gu… Read More
Back From Florida
2009-06-22 01:01
Dave and I had a great time visiting the family in Florida. While we only spent 4 1/2 days there, it was quality time with my Mom, sis, her hubby and my nephew. We are ready to leave VA fo… Read More
2009-06-10 01:18
Starting about 3-4 days ago I began feeling faint little kicks. To explain for those of you who haven't been there, it feels like someone flicking you with their finger, only from the insid… Read More
2009-06-05 23:22
Feeling great - my best so far! The past 2 weeks I've experienced more energy and no more morning sickness - yay! I have noticed it's been a bit difficult to sleep (to stay asleep, that is… Read More
2009-06-03 13:58
Here's a progress pic for you all. I have the full set on my facebook gallery. This is the most recent taken 3 weeks ago at 15 weeks Read More

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