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2007-08-03 21:33
I just committed a new feature that allows you to filter out articles containing specific words from your reading list. Articles containing the words you specify will not be shown in the rea… Read More
2007-07-03 08:22
Here's the recent changes:r35 2007-07-03 Bugfix: PHP 5 required only to use ma.gnolia export feature. r34 2007-06-13 No need for modal sexyBOX when opening an article. r32, r33 2007-06-11 Al… Read More
2007-05-10 12:31
Here's the recent changes:r25, r26, r26 2007-05-09 Added pre-fetching while reading articles: pre-fetch next article to be able to load it faster. r24 2007-04-23 Added longer timeout to prev… Read More
2007-04-22 15:55
In the three months, I committed a couple of new features and bug fixes. Here's the official changelog:r22, r23 2007-04-22 (Latest version) Added option to export subscriptions as OPML. r20… Read More
2007-01-13 18:39
In the last month, I committed a couple of new features and bug fixes. Here's the official changelog:r6 2007-01-13 (Latest version) Enhancement: Added link in Subscriptions page to add Gobbl… Read More
2006-12-10 23:12
Lauched a new website,, for GobbleRss.- News about the project, with a RSS feed to stay current with new developments.- A How to use page that explains the ba… Read More
2006-12-10 23:12
A new Help Forum has been created.Feel free to register and post comments or questions about GobbleRSS.The new forum is available at Read More

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