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New beginings. New chalanges, experiments, and a new future!
2010-10-03 22:58
Hurrah! This is the last day, but it is enough. John to stay in town overnight, and won’t be out until this evening.Jennie wanted to sleep with me – the sly thing! But I told her… Read More
2010-09-27 05:09
If only that top pattern could be gotten off from the under one! I mean to try it, little by little.I have found out another funny thing, but I shan’t tell it this time! It does not do… Read More
2010-08-08 06:25
The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman First published 1892, reprinted 1997 by Dover Publications, Inc.It is very seldom that mere ordinary people like John and myself secure ances… Read More
2010-08-08 06:23
I think that woman gets out in the daytime!And I’ll tell you why – privately – I’ve seen her!I can see her out of every one of my windows!It is the same woman, I know… Read More
2010-08-08 06:22
I really have discovered something at last.Through watching so much at night, when it changes so, I have finally found out.The front pattern does move - and no wonder! The woman behind shake… Read More
2010-08-08 06:22
I'm feeling ever so much better! I don't sleep much at night, for it is so interesting to watch developments; but I sleep a good deal in the daytime.In the daytime it is tiresome and perplex… Read More
2010-08-08 06:21
 On a pattern like this, by daylight, there is a lack of sequence, a defiance of law, that is a constant irritant to a normal mind.The color is hideous enough, and unreliable enough, an… Read More
2010-08-08 06:21
Life is very much more exciting now than it used to be. You see I have something more to expect, to look forward to, to watch. I really do eat better, and am more quiet than I was.John is so… Read More
2010-08-08 06:20
I don't know why I should write this.I don't want to.I don't feel able.And I know John would think it absurd. But I must say what I feel and think in some way - it is such a relief!But the e… Read More
2010-08-08 06:20
It is so hard to talk with John about my case, because he is so wise, and because he loves me so.But I tried it last night.It was moonlight. The moon shines in all around just as the sun doe… Read More

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