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One Year Old!!
2012-05-17 00:06
Birthday Party, originally uploaded by allthingssara. Dear Beckett --Today you are ONE. We had a party a few days ago on a Saturday to celebrate, and it was fun. I made a lemon cake f… Read More
Time For A Haircut
2012-05-16 23:54
time for a haircut, originally uploaded by allthingssara. A few weeks ago I finally had to admit that it was time for my beautiful boy's hair to be cut. It was down to his upper lip in… Read More
Semi-Monthly Facebook Status Dump
2012-05-05 05:53
Dinos vs. Cars, originally uploaded by allthingssara.Here's another periodic round up of facebook status updates since the last time I made a blog post.  MAYPoll: Beckett's 1st birthday… Read More
2012-02-08 18:23
The things coming out of Hank's mouth these days are priceless. At 4 years, 4 months, he is becoming quite the crack up. Time to record a few for posterity:Me: "hank, can you stop running… Read More
2012-02-04 06:51
Just wrapped up bedtime upstairs. Both boys sleep in the same room now, Beckett in the crib, Hank in the loft bed. We moved Beckett out of our room about two weeks ago, at eight months. I… Read More
Six Months Old!
2011-11-30 19:41
first time on a swing, originally uploaded by allthingssara. Dear little Beckett --My Boo Bear, my Little Boo, you are six months and change, and you are so, so dear and darling. You m… Read More
Hank's Volcano Dinosaur Birthday Cake
2011-11-30 19:19
Hank's Volcano Dinosaur Birthday Cake, originally uploaded by allthingssara. Dear Hank --Beautiful boy! You have just turned four, and I hope you had a really happy birthday. We surpr… Read More

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