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Reclaiming Jane Austen from the stiffs, the snobs, the simps and the saps
An Apology And An Announcement
2016-09-26 03:11
I hadn't intended to take such a long break from my "Adapted Austen" survey of the various J.A. television and movie adaptation—and I promise I'll get back to it very soon, picking up… Read More
Announcing: Jane Austen Team-Ups!
2015-06-12 19:35
What would brusque, decisive Mr. Knightley make of chatty, epicene Mr. Tilney? Would Mary Bennet and Catherine Morland bond over their love of books, or despise each other’s taste? Wou… Read More
Edgar And Emma, Chapter 10
2015-05-25 17:30
Emma, dismayed that she had not been able to catch Edgar's attention before leaving the churchyard—and even more distraught that the impediment to doing so was his apparent fascination… Read More
Edgar And Emma, Chapter 9
2015-05-25 17:00
“Today I speak to you of selflessness. Of all the virtues impressed on us by our Creator, none is so great as Christian charity. The early practitioners of our faith were not renowned… Read More
Emma And Edgar, Chapter 8
2015-05-25 03:17
As soon as Mr. Willmot was back at the lodge, he wrote to his eldest son and bade him return without delay. Then he went to make peace with his wife, of whom he could once again think kindly… Read More
Edgar And Emma, Chapter 7
2015-05-25 03:16
“Well, there’s a good thing,” said Mrs. Willmot as the family rode home. “All of them looking so well, and such hospitality! No one more welcoming than the Marlows; h… Read More
Emma And Edgar, Chapter 6
2015-05-25 03:16
On the morning of the day set aside for callers, Emma found herself in a state of nervous expectation. She took great care with her dress, so that she might be seen to best advantage when th… Read More
Emma And Edgar, Chapter 5
2015-05-22 16:41
“The Marlows are in residence at Graftings,” said Mrs. Willmot. “We will call on them tomorrow afternoon, to congratulate them on their return.”“I can ride over… Read More

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