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2016-09-09 20:15
(This post was originally sent to the public-webvr mailing list, which you should totally follow if you're interested in the latest and greatest WebVR news!) Hello WebVR community!The Chrome… Read More
2016-04-27 21:50
[Update: WebVR has evolved quite a bit since this post! Read about the latest changes.]The Good StuffLet's get all the links out of the way upfront, because that's what you're really here fo… Read More
2016-04-27 21:45
Consumer VR is at our doorsteps, and it’s sparking the imagination of developers and content creators everywhere. As such it’s no surprise that interest in WebVR is booming. Publ… Read More
2016-04-08 23:45
By virtue of the WebVR work I've been doing I've been lucky enough to have a fair amount of access to VR hardware, and at this point feel like I've got a pretty good handle on where each of… Read More
How Blink Has Affected WebGL?
2015-03-01 23:19
One of the topics that was suggested when I recently took a poll on Twitter/G+ of potential blogging topics was what kind of impact the switch to Blink has had on Chrome's WebGL implementati… Read More
2014-07-18 18:32
I spent an awful lot of time from my middle school years forward learning everything I could about the mechanics of making video games. The goal being, of course, to make my own. And not som… Read More
2014-06-05 21:41
I've been working lately on better Gamepad API support in Chrome (call it my "20% project"). It's been a fun change of pace from WebGL, primarily because it's much more straightforward code… Read More
How Blink Has Affected WebGL, Part 2
2014-02-17 22:28
In a previous post I detailed some of the ways that the migration to Blink has affected the WebGL pipeline. The short version is that we were able to remove some layers of abstraction withou… Read More
2013-12-06 19:37
Just a little something I thought was worth pointing out. @notch, the creator of Minecraft, has been posting updates on his latest toy project to his Twitter account recently. I've found thi… Read More

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