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2016-07-13 23:04
For 2015 I filmed one second of every day and cut it together into a film for you all to see :)I got the idea from my best friend who did it for 2014. I feature a lot in her one ♡I thi… Read More
Gig Trend
2016-07-11 23:02
As mentioned in my previous post below, I am attending at least one gig per calendar month of 2016. We are over halfway through 2016 where has that time gone and over halfway through m… Read More
Color Runner
2016-07-11 22:57
I'm still running! I did my first color run last year in Brighton and recently took part again in London. I have not been running as solidly this year but have been running on and off enough… Read More
2016-04-04 23:21
I always start my blog posts these days by saying 'Hello blog!', 'it's been so long..' etc etc. It has, we all know. This time however I'm not going to mention my lack of blogging or apologi… Read More
2015-12-07 23:46
Its a new year and so begins the thinking about what this new year will bring. New hopes and dreams being imagined and new goals and resolutions being written. So here is my conventional lis… Read More
2015-11-08 01:02
It's been so long I don't really know where to begin! I vowed to blog more this year but it hasn't happened and I do apologise. However I have been working on a project that I will share wit… Read More
Here's To 23
2015-08-24 09:59
I think throughout life there are certain periods you will remember more clearly and enjoy more. It sounds dismal to say that we coast through life but life can’t be exciting all the t… Read More
Ready, Set...Run!
2015-07-31 16:24
A year ago I started running outdoors. I signed up for my first timed, competitive run. I use the term competitive loosely as it was ‘race for life’. Charity runs aren’t re… Read More
I Can Go The Distance
2015-02-22 23:24
I've stayed true to a few of my new years resolutions. I've kept running and two weeks ago I took part in my first 10km run! I kept up with my training plan and two weeks before the race cam… Read More

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