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2016-09-12 17:21
Politics have me tense these days. And if I'm honest I've never been one to voluntarily enter into a political conversation. But this season feels particularly risky, our options split so se… Read More
2016-08-18 18:44
School has begun, which is glorious and strange as I now have 2 of 3 kids in school. With only little Daily riding around with me in our trusty mini van I've had a bit more control over the… Read More
2016-04-06 03:05
I’m feeling lonely tonight. Lonely feels strange and surprising after being surrounded by little people all day, but Phil is out of town and the dishes aren’t being very friendly… Read More
2015-10-30 19:03
Yes, I am running on very little sleep and the day started out pretty hairy. I know when I start getting pissy: 1.) over small things that are 2.) out of my control 3.) as we are trying to g… Read More
Thirty Is Here. THIRTY IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!
2015-09-21 15:27
Thirty years old. I am psyched and I am humbled. Who knew turning thirty would be the biggest breath of fresh air? Who knew the hope that could come with getting older? Who knew that balloon… Read More
2015-07-09 02:56
Summer Break...Lord have mercy. Ha, I have talked to many a mother who is enjoying this summer break thing (and plenty that are limping along side of me), but these short 6 weeks since schoo… Read More
2015-05-05 01:59
Phil is in China, I am home with our babes. For those of you who know us, you definitely know this is the scene for the Shays. I have just "finished" day four with a 5 year old, 3 year old… Read More
2015-03-19 02:09
I'm living in the marathon days. Day after day waking up (after waking up during the night to feed a babe that is) to the reality that I cannot get through a day on my own. I mean, the hones… Read More
2015-01-20 16:19
Daily is three weeks old today. We made it three whole weeks as a family of five and I've "only" melted down a handful of times. Even if everything is mostly good, the hormones get ya. They… Read More
2014-11-17 16:27
We were missing each other again. Looking into his wildly handsome face feeling very unknown. I felt raw at this point, way too exposed, and I just couldn’t get the right words out. Ag… Read More

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