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At The Crazy Cat Parade
2016-10-17 00:03
I have to admit, I was powerless to resist going to a thing where hundreds of people dressed more or less as cats pranced down the street, some of them raucously performing m… Read More
The Cat Island With No Cats
2016-10-15 00:49
This was supposed to be a picture of dozens of eager kittehs scampering up the shrine stairs to mob me for my squid snax. So, I went to one of Japan’s famed cat islands…and didn… Read More
Japanese Food Styling Gone Wrong
2016-10-11 01:50
Okay, as you know, I’ve long been fascinated with Japanese menu depictions of hot dogs, because they can’t seem to resist making them look a little, er, over-eager. But don… Read More
The Peeing Statue Vending Machine
2016-10-09 00:17
This month, the best dressed nude statue in all of Tokyo gets busy putting the weenie in Halloween It’s always hard to say goodbye to my favorite costumed peeing boy statue when I leav… Read More
A Prickly Day At The Hedgehog Cafe
2016-10-07 00:32
Turn down the volume on your squee-meter, unless you want to lose a little more of your hearing! Check out the little prickle monsters you can snuggle up with at Tokyo’… Read More
In Which An 8th Century Monk Trolls Us All
2016-09-30 06:01
Inside this telephone booth of yore lies the Miroku Stone. For hundreds of years (since the time of the venerable Kobo Daishi*) it has been known that if a virtuous person reaches thro… Read More
The Magical Red Forest
2016-09-22 02:15
If it happens to be raining when you are invited to walk through a magical forest carpeted with five million blooming amaryllis, do not say no. Because this. If you’re in… Read More
Uncuddly Stuffies
2016-09-18 01:34
If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that my sympathy runs deep for the poor toy designers who have to churn out new adorable stuffies when all the animals… Read More

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Jonelle Patrick's Only In Japan | Every day, stuff you'd never see anywhere else.


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