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For the totally clueless when it comes to their hair...
Texlaxing Worth It?
2016-10-18 15:47
What do you do when you want to keep your hair’s texture but you want to straighten the curl pattern more? For those of you that are 4B and 4C, sometimes you just need a better way to… Read More
How To Grow Your Edges Back
2016-10-16 16:36
Edges.It is the rallying cry of many women of color.It is a great “Clap back” when you’re insulting someone. Just go after their edges and you’ll win the battle in th… Read More
Hair Not Getting Slip? Check Your Porosity!
2016-10-14 00:25
Everyone should know about the strand test to check for porosity. But how does hair behave with low, medium, and high porosity?I once had hair that was dry. No matter how much conditioner I… Read More
Babygirl Hair Meme Of The Week
2016-09-18 10:00
another hair meme....These make good points but they do it at the expense of others. This young lady has not made it clear what she wants and i’m glad that her face is not shown. Howev… Read More
BabyGirl Hair Meme Of The Week
2016-09-11 10:04
Yes. It happens to all good women that wear a weave. People assume that because you are wearing one that you NEED weave and have NO hair. So its ridiculous. White and Hispanic women wear wea… Read More
Hair Meme Of The Week/Month
2016-09-04 11:00
aint that the truth?You know how to do the style. You’re sure you can do it. You went to the BSS and got all the supplies to get it. You’re ready with a Netflix movie. And then… Read More

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