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She Twines Her Spines Up Slowly...
2016-10-22 00:07
Hi, doves! I haven't done a shoot in my favourite tree since way, way back in this post. I had intended to shoot this outfit in one of our tiny local cemeteries, but my old spot called to me… Read More
Copper And Corduroy.
2016-10-14 15:19
Hi, doves! Just a quick post this week as life has been out of hand lately. But I still wanted to share these photos because this is one of my favourite autumnal outfits thus far. I was… Read More
Moss And Leaves.
2016-09-30 18:13
Hi, doves! So, some days just don't go as planned, and that's all right, you know? When I took these photos, I wasn't feeling all that well, and I'd already played around with another outfit… Read More
Witches In Disguise...
2016-09-22 19:18
Hi, doves! I figured this would be the perfect time for me to crawl out from under my rock since it's the first day of autumn here and, most importantly, because Halloween is on its way!&nbs&hell…Read More
2016-03-17 00:37
I've never known how to describe my style. It's comfortable, but I do prefer skirts and tights or socks over pants. And while it is something I've developed over the years since high school… Read More
We Chose To Keep Our Teenage Tragedy...
2016-03-10 16:25
Though I'm glad my teenage years are well behind me, I have no problem admitting that "sulky teenager" is still a part of my personality. Wallowing is absolutely one of my most beloved pasti… Read More
With My Red Wings On...
2016-03-03 02:17
Well! It's been, what, a year? Yikes. It was an incredibly busy year, and it took me quite some time to find the inspiration to blog again. I had some random health issues (I'm fine!). We bo… Read More
I'm An Owl On The Sill In The Evening...
2015-02-27 12:30
Hi, doves! I thought I should take a break from moping over the end of Parks and Rec (And I do mean moping. It wasn't a sob fest; it was something more. I have felt genuinely melancholy?… Read More
Velvet Grunge.
2015-02-13 15:56
Hi, doves! It feels so good to be back on a weekly posting schedule!This is what I wore (with one exception) to a show in New York this past Saturday. I switched to a lighter knit, striped c… Read More
Going Up?
2015-02-05 16:10
Hi, doves! Well, so much for my goal to post every two weeks. One of my SD cards vanished into thin air (now that I think about it, I wouldn't be surprised if one of the cats decided to bat… Read More

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