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Are you suffering from anxiety, depression, self-doubt, difficulty making decisions, or relationship challenges? It is my passion to help people break free from anxiety and limiting beliefs so that they can live a life of joy and fulfillment.
An Interview With A Course Member
2016-10-16 19:34
Lake Phoksumdo, Dolpo, Nepal Over and over again, the feedback I receive from my 30-day course participants is that one of the most impactful and life-changing aspects of my courses is… Read More
The Life You’re Meant To Live
2016-10-09 22:49
Somewhere along the road of childhood into adolescence, a belief is transmitted that says: Follow the roadmap that culture presents and you will find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… Read More
Risk Aversion And Anxiety
2016-10-02 21:03
I’m standing on the edge of my life, as if on the shores of a cold but beautiful lake. I want to dive in but I’m scared, only the fear doesn’t sound like fear as much… Read More
The News And Anxiety
2016-09-26 03:06
We live in uncertain times, and that statement alone can send an anxious-sensitive personality type into a tailspin. But the truth is that we’ve always lived in uncertain times. Becaus… Read More
Nature As Guide
2016-09-18 15:24
It is with great love, admiration, and appreciation that I’m sharing this beautiful post by Sarah Love, one of our moderators on the Break Free From Relationship Anxiety/Conscious Wedd… Read More
Birth Trauma And Anxiety
2016-09-11 23:56
When working with anxiety and intrusive thoughts, the essential component is to resist the gravitational and habitual pull to attach onto the stories that appear like planets in our inner ga… Read More
Moment By Moment
2016-09-06 00:12
Life is a series of micro-moments. Most of the time, we’re floating along in the fast-paced current without self-reflection. But inevitably, at some point, we will get snagged on a bra… Read More
Nothing Lasts Forever 
2016-08-28 14:33
For all humans, but especially the highly sensitives, one of the most difficult truths to accept is that all seasons pass, all stages come to an end, all beings die. Just as the gorgeous pea… Read More
Nobody Is Perfick
2016-08-21 23:02
When I was young, one of my favorite books was a collection of four short stories called “Nobody is Perfick“. I liked the first three stories, but it was the fourth one, called N… Read More
Fear Is A Friend In Disguise
2016-08-14 23:52
There’s a common concept in our culture – one that I’ve adopted myself at times – that fear is our enemy. When we’re caught in fear’s offspring of anxiety… Read More

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