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2010-07-14 01:26
So rescently I spilled coke all over my tablet and I came across an amazing retoucher , M Seth Jones . He was kind enough to write a blog about me that you can view here And it's very true… Read More
World Cup Italy VS. Slovakia
2010-06-24 16:17
WOW So I just watched the game and let me tell you. So far the most intense game on the field for sure. Personally I am very happy for Slovakia because it's their first world cup as an indep… Read More
Thank You
2010-06-23 23:15
I just was going through my deviant art and reading many many many comments people have left me, I hope you guys dont think that I dont look at them. I really do. And some of them definitely… Read More
I'm Back
2010-06-17 03:19
Sorry guys the past few weeks of my life have been a bit hectic. I was finishing up school and I had to work and I had to do a lot in order to graduate. But I am done with school. Thank god… Read More
2010-05-21 00:12
SORRY GUYS i've been so busy and stuff!Here are some things that have happened while i have been super anti-social on here-i broke my wacom tablet :( because im a coke addict and by accident… Read More
Things That I Have Been Up Too
2010-05-08 05:32
SOOOO sorry this blog wont be about any tips/advices about photography.I will write a little about what I have been up to and update you guys on things that will be coming up in a bit. Curre… Read More
2010-04-25 15:29
I started out with self portraits because I never had models. I just wanted to play around with photography and light and poses. Anyways. This is how i did it, and most of you will be very s… Read More
2010-04-22 03:55
WHATS MORE IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH RAH RAH RAH!Sorry okay so this is something i get asked ALL THE TIME!To be honest with you , I think it's some what of an obvious answer. THE LENS :) fo… Read More
2010-04-17 01:07
Okay, so when I first started photography. I never really researched photographers or models. I knew probably like .2% about photography. SO recently I've started doing my research and study… Read More

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