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Oh My Goodness;
2011-08-16 13:20
August 9th was my last post, apologies for my absence. Really nothing has been going on. Counseling yesterday went well; she believes me that I haven't binged or purged in over two weeks… Read More
2011-08-09 22:40
I don't know why I named this the name I did. Hah I read your comment Lulu and just was replying in my mind and it came out. Mia. Oh dear lord, where do I begin? I will post a whole entry on… Read More
2011-08-07 00:39
People can be real ignorant, you know?Liars, cheaters- you name it.I never would of thought that I'd come this far with ED. It's not fair, I want to live a normal life.. Yes normal. There ca… Read More
2011-08-05 12:28
Lately I've been having crazy dreams and last night's just pushed me over the edge.I was getting ready for Homecoming, and like...I don't know it was all weird.But anyways, I ended up at my… Read More
2011-08-04 14:32
Up all night, okay not really, but 'til three this morning; cramps, toilet sitting, ouch, ouch ouch, ew.My sister is leaving now to go to work. I'm trying not to binge. I don't know how I'm… Read More
2011-08-02 01:22
Haha yeah, second post within this twenty-four houred day. Is hour-ed a word?Well it is now! So just got back from my meeting with my therapist, Korrine. She's cool, like her a lot at first… Read More
2011-07-29 23:56
Sup.Food is binged up in my tummy. Ew,How's ya'll ?My dad doesn't give a shit. He's upset about the $$$ I'm costing him. I hear them talk at night. Why be two faced? I don't get it. Maybe I… Read More

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