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January 2010 - January 2011. This is my year on exchange. Away from my family, friends and everything i have ever known. This is me, this is my life.
2011-02-13 03:49
Now i can officially say it is all over.The past month of January has been the hardest, most spontaneous and sad month of my life.Nearly everyday i ask myself questions l… Read More
2011-01-10 23:51
Today was a loverly day.I woke up to the sun through my window, took a shower and got ready to go to my rotary lunch.I had to do my presentation today. Made me realise, i go home on Friday… Read More
Too Many Memories.
2011-01-02 11:54
12 days.That is not long.Not long at all.This time last year i wrote 'Pete Murray says.. "Soon, You'll see."Well, never thought soon would finally come... Soon enough i will be gone..'Well… Read More
Because It Is Beautiful
2010-12-13 22:23
"With a crown of flaming candles, glittering garlands of tinsel and flowing white gowns, celebrants of a traditional St. Lucia ceremony brought a glow to the winter dark.In Sweden, pageants… Read More
Don't Over Think It.
2010-12-12 01:16
Today was one of those days you just know you will remember for the rest of your life.Full of great people, fun activities, and nice cozy talks.It was my dear friend Heathers 18th. Also, tod… Read More
2010-11-24 22:37
“If ever there is a tomorrow when we’re not together, there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you t… Read More
Your Golden Year.
2010-11-18 06:50
So. It has now reached my 2 month point before going home. I got this email from my district chairman in Australia yesterday. I wanted to cry.Soon i will be leaving this all, to go home.Here… Read More
2010-11-10 16:10
Sometimes whats best for you isn't what your heart tells you. But, these days, it seems like people don't think about themselves enough when it comes to feelings. If it is going to… Read More
2010-11-09 07:27
Don't you love when you walk outside and the first snow for the season hits you on the cheeks. Knowing every single snow flake is unique and chose to land on you.It makes me smile waking up… Read More
Your Words
2010-11-06 22:10
'I really love words.    And i think about them all the time.The way that they fit together, the way that they change things. The right words can transform whatever, whoever… Read More

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