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2013-08-14 01:06
After a million years absent (okay, three), I'm popping my head in to see if anyone still reads. Show of hands? Comments? Please let me know... I have been bento'ing again (whoo!) but mostly… Read More
2010-06-19 06:09
I am still alive! Mostly been trying to keep up with school and Feisty Foodie. I have brought lunch to school a bunch of times, sometimes taking pictures, but I haven't had the time to post… Read More
Feisty Bento #404: Yes, Even More Chili
2010-01-15 05:09
Today's lunch - the LAST of the chili.  I brought it in separate containers and all but took a photo after I'd put some of it on a plate to microwave.  Here's a photo pre-heating:… Read More
Feisty Bento #403: More Chili!
2010-01-14 03:24
A repeat of yesterday's lunch but this time no salsa (that's a mini-cup I bought a two-pack back like 3 years now and just now opened...) and a slice of pepperjack on top of the chili.&nbs&hellip…Read More
Feisty Bento #402: Nommychili
2010-01-14 03:20
Sorry for the crappy picture!  It's a container of homemade chili on the left and the right is salsa topped with sour cream, chopped raw onions and cilantro.  When I ate it… Read More
Feisty Bento #400: Milestone?
2010-01-07 03:33
I had a choice.  Not pack bento because 400 should be special - so I should wait until I could pack a monster awesome bento, or pack a bento that I would eat, enjoy, and would suit t… Read More

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