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A Peek At The Life Of A Hairstylist -Training of a Different Kind-
I'm Going On An Adventure
2015-10-17 16:16
Hey guys,for those who are still following me somewhat, I am pretty much moving over to a different  location. You can continue to follow the adventures of my life as I adapt to being a… Read More
2015-09-19 14:56
So I'm sitting here making breakfast in my new kitchen thinking about how everything is so different now. Different from last month, and different from when this blog started. Life has chang… Read More
2015-09-15 21:26
The "Honeymoon" is officially over. This morning the alarm went off at 5am. The work blues, boots, and hat went on and at 5:08 I found myself alone in a dark house that still doesn't feel li… Read More
Whoever Told Me This Would Be Fun, Lied.
2015-04-14 15:46
Sometimes I wonder what it's like to actually have fun planning a wedding, to be excited about the whole thing. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to get married, I really am! It's all these si… Read More
2014-12-02 02:46
You know when you've had a very full and exciting couple of weeks and then you hit that wall where everyone just goes back to school and work and normal life and everything seems all too qui… Read More
2014-09-12 14:25
By now I have been asked more times than I can probably count, if/when I am moving to Oregon. I have to admit that i indulged in the thought quite often but didn't know whether or not it was… Read More
2014-08-26 17:59
Yesterday we were up before 5:00am so that we could drop off our Coastie at the airport. Poor guy was supposed to land in Portland around noon(their time. about 3 our time) but got stuck in… Read More
Time Can Stop Now.
2014-08-17 15:25
I've finally got my heart back. But everyday I get to share with him is another day closer to him leaving again. It's so bittersweet. I'm pretty sure saying goodbye like this will never get… Read More
2014-07-23 04:00
And now, a small break from Coastiness to read a little e e Cummings. Because, yes.I Like My Body When It Is With Youri like my body when it is with yourbody. It is so quite new a thing.Musc… Read More

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