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2012-01-23 16:17
#whatiworetobianianI don't like the name of this hash tag Read More
2011-12-21 15:28
hear no evil.speak no evil.see no evil Read More
2011-11-17 08:24
忙忙忙.dress from stephie shop Read More
2011-10-26 17:35
peterpan collar and polka dots.cute factor 5/5 Read More
2011-10-16 16:14
one.hi there, it's been a while.well, what can I say? year 2 is a different ball game.more readings and tutorials to do to keep me on track.and there's work. I'm starting to worry if there's… Read More
2011-09-17 06:16
here's a little social experiment.the same status was posted by two individuals, A and B.A garnered 24 'likes' and 16 comments while B received 4 'likes' and 5 comments.A has 789 friends whi… Read More
2011-08-30 16:36
some snapshots of food to take your mind of things. :) apple and raisin crumble from chocolat and spice. not nice at all. checked out swee's new place. my salmon wrap with something somethin… Read More
2011-08-24 16:57
just moments ago, I typed and printed dad's resignation letter. and I felt this tug at my heartstrings. you know, I always marvel at dad's job. he gets to see the after hours of shopping mal… Read More

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