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2011-07-08 11:21
some 90's nostalgic. - Läs hela inlägget här Read More
2011-07-08 10:59
've been hooking it in the sun today.. i thought. no big difference. makin lemonde now, while im waiting for the boiled water and sugar to cold im enjoying myself with an iced coffee. aaa--a… Read More
2011-07-07 14:56
beautifull day today! we've had som kak weather the last couple of days, but now the sun is back again just in tme to dirks arrive.Today i cooked a fishstew with mustard, tarragon and chante… Read More
2011-07-06 23:19
my book and i are going to bed now. this book is so ridiculously easy to eat up in a second. chapters are not longer than 3 pages, so its always the "aaaaa... only one more chapter" and you… Read More
2011-07-06 22:48
earlier today i had lunch with my pappa at one of the golf courses, had some herrings with mash! yam yamtomorrow im going to malin for a brai at her sambos parents. really looking forward to… Read More
2011-07-06 21:49
last weekend on our harleys crusing down to the cityfestival. Mimmi, Linda, Josefin and me. Hade a wonderfull time in the summer night. loads of people, wine and out, outdoor seating at the… Read More
2011-07-05 18:17
do you feel how i stare at you? perfect. a little hello from me to you. my dad and i are drinking coffe and watching tv. i feel a little bit sickis. not cool. - Läs hela inlägget h… Read More
2011-07-05 16:29
swedish summer night. Västerås, 23.22. - Läs hela inlägget här Read More
2011-07-05 16:24
this year my mum and dad build a herb-box! sort of. loads of different herbs, sallads, some strawberrys and raddish. feels quite magical and summerish to go out in the garden and pick stuff… Read More

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