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#11 ~ Christmas, Prayers & Skins
2013-12-28 15:37
Bonjour,Did you all have a good Christmas?! I hope you did. Mine was lovely. We went out for a walk in the morning and then came home to a lovely breakfast. Then we played a game of Articula… Read More
#10 ~ Men Are From Mars (or Are They?)
2013-12-21 23:04
Bonjour!So today I thought I'd talk to all you lovely ladies about those weird creatures from Mars...GUYS - and understanding them. I know I'ma) only 16 &b) not a guyBUT I have a teeny b… Read More
#9 ~ Christmas Holidays Begin!
2013-12-19 14:59
Bonjour!On Friday 13th (spooky!) I broke up from school for Christmas! We had the first two periods - mine were double Chemistry (ew!) - followed by a form period where we chat and eat food… Read More
#7 ~ Advent Begins!
2013-12-06 20:45
Bonjour - again!Two posts in one day! Today is the first day of Advent which is the time leading up to Christmas. This means it is time to start out Christmas Countdowns and Advent Calendars… Read More
#6 ~ Catching Fire: Why I'm Team Peeta
2013-12-01 19:55
Bonjour,Yesterday evening I visited the cinema to see the new Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire. If you don't know about the Hunger Games, it's probably time to move out from your rock - ser… Read More
#3 ~ Star Wars 7?!
2013-12-01 18:48
Bonjour!Recently I saw an article online about an open casting for a seventh Star Wars movie directed by Disney! Apparently Disney bought Lucasfilm, the production company behind the St… Read More
#5 ~ Afternoon Tea At Harrods
2013-11-18 16:49
Bonjour!On Saturday I celebrated my birthday up in London. Even though my birthday was back in September, the earliest reservation I could get for Afternoon Tea at Harrods was in November! (… Read More
2013-11-18 16:04
Bonjour,On a more serious note today, I'm going to talk about those bitches that everyone unfortunately faces as some point during their life.Whether or not you're in school still or have mo… Read More
#2 ~ Tiffany & Co Journal
2013-11-18 16:03
Bonjour,As you may have realised if you read through my FAQs page, I love Gossip Girl - particularly Blair Waldorf! If you have watched the show - all six seasons of it - you will have seen… Read More

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