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2016-04-13 11:52
FUCK YOU, RUSSIAN HACKER BASTARD PRICKS!!!!!! STAY OUT OF MY LJ!!!!!Thank you guys for letting me know! Sorry about the ridiculous spam. :( Read More
*dusts Off Journal*
2016-01-23 16:43
Why hullo LJ! Long time no log on. :PAfter years and years of same-old same-old, my life underwent some brilliant upheaval in 2015, starting in January when I met THE BOYFRIEND and culminati… Read More
2015-07-05 17:49
Over 34 million people now live with HIV/AIDS. 3.3 million of them are under the age of 15 and every day, that number grows by nearly 7000 - almost 300 people every hour. But we can fight to… Read More
2015-06-28 15:14
I haven't even logged on here in ages, being busy with JOB HUNTING (*shudders*), modding Smoochfest (woohooooo!), and trying to make time to see the fabulous people in my life (failing hardc… Read More
2015-05-30 14:16
So I'm making slash packs for the fine folks at Leviosa and I have a massive amount of art for the Harry/Draco coasters and pendants, but I have next to none for the Snarry and Remus/Sirius… Read More
31 Days Of Random - DAY TWENTY THREE
2015-05-30 14:12
Okay, so I failed hardcore at this. DERP. I missed two days one busy weekend and then catching up seemed too hard, BUT I'M JUST GOING TO KEEP GOING. Because it was fun.RANDOM FACT TWENTY THR… Read More

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