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Dealing With Genestealer Cults
2016-10-11 15:30
It has been a very long time since I've posted. I've been very busy with RL and I haven't even played any 40k since the tournament I posted about. With the new Genestealer Cult release and a… Read More
1850 Tau Tournament List - Competitive
2016-06-09 12:30
Tomorrow is the first 1850 singles tournament that I'll have been to in a year. I decided a couple months ago that I actually wanted to win, so I bit the bullet and 'invested' in a Stormsurg… Read More
1850 Tourney: Round 3 Vs. Tau
2016-06-09 12:30
Round 3 of our local tournament. For the final showdown it was Tau vs. Tau!Final RoundFor a summary of Round 1 go HERE. Short of it is that I won the game narrowly.For a summary of Roun… Read More
1850 Tourney: Round 2 Vs. Orks
2016-06-08 17:01
Round 2 of my local tournament where I brought the nastiest list I could muster with the models I had...Round 2: FIGHTFor a summary of  Round 1 go HERE. Short of it is that I won the ga… Read More
2016-06-02 13:02
---Shas'el Bork'an J'Shas'ka cut the thrust to his jets and landed lightly atop an abandoned Imperial bunker. His battlesuit's auto-sensors detected none of the outpost's inhabitants, so the… Read More
Death From The Skies Rules: Tau Edition
2016-05-26 13:25
Death From the Skies is the newest supplement to be released by GW. Unlike the other supplements, this one actually changes the core rules for all of the GW Flyers in the game (note: Flyers… Read More
The Greater Goodzilla!
2016-05-20 14:27
New Tau battlesuit. Coming soon...Let's talk about competitive Tau. This has been on my mind lately as my group has a tournament coming up next weekend. I am not a regular tournament player… Read More
New Tau Barracuda From Forge World!
2016-05-13 13:54
The most awesomest flyer in the game is back!Forgeworld's bulletin just dropped HEREDang. That is sexy. Presumably, this will be our Interceptor for the new flyer rules. We will have to wait… Read More
2016-05-09 18:58
Get excited people! GW is delivering on their intention to give us an FAQ. They have released the first draft of the FAQ on their FB page HERE.As a Tau player, I have a few that caught my ey… Read More
Tactica: XV109 Y'vahra
2016-05-09 15:52
The Y'vahra has been out for some time now, and I think I feel comfortable enough with it to post a tactica that isn't entirely theorycrafting. I think it is probably my favorite Tau unit.XV… Read More

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