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2014-09-20 01:52
Our son is one! Even though his birthday came and went it feels like it continued for several weeks after. Yes, he was sufficiently overwhelmed and now has a ton of new trucks. He loves t… Read More
2014-08-06 16:48
About a year ago I left my job. I was going to be learning more Spanish, doing from scratch cooking, and finally keeping on top of housework. And for two weeks I did just that. Then I had a… Read More
2014-01-06 01:56
i'm not sure if anyone even still comes here. my postings have been sporadic at best, non-existent at worst. what can i say? i kinda knew this would happen. for some reason in the spring… Read More
2013-11-09 17:35
this year my holiday wish list is pretty basic.  i'm not in need/want of anything extravagant.  my wants are quite simple.1. winter pajamas2. lounge pants/shirts3. white tanks… Read More
2013-10-28 20:58
jacob fell asleep in his car seat when we left to run errands (usually he hates the car) and is still asleep and we've been back over twenty minutes.  a rare nap gift!  he naps in… Read More
2013-10-10 22:16
i might not be buying anything for myself in a year; however, i have a little guy to buy for.  really isn't buying for him buying for me anyway?  it's not like he knows what he is… Read More
2013-10-08 14:49
today i go in for my 6 week postpartum check up.  it's the last step in pregnancy for my doctor.  after this i won't be going back unless something happens or for my yearly checkup… Read More
2013-09-22 02:19
this year has been a real eye opener for me. i went 10 months only buying a few things and cycling the same wardrobe biweekly. it wasn't fun, but neither was buying maternity clothes. thus… Read More
2013-09-20 23:30
next friday i'll be taking the first "monthly picture." how did we get here already? it seems like the longest 3 1/2 weeks of my life that have gone so impossibly quickly that i can't even… Read More
2013-09-05 20:27
birth stories are popular around the blogs... so i thought i'd write (what i remember) mine. if for nothing else to remember what i currently remember later. because the events of the day… Read More

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