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Appreciating Whisky: Check!
2011-09-21 00:04
Boyd should take most of the credit for teaching me how to appreciate whisky and helped me greatly in accomplishing my pathetic goal of consuming a single measure before leaving Scotland. It… Read More
Craving Of The Day
2011-08-29 19:36
CHOCOLATE COURGETTE CAKE So the last time I made a courgette-cake I was in such a rush to finish cooking it before bringing it over to the other side of the meadows, the icing melted throug… Read More
Craving Of The Day
2011-08-11 23:15
CRISPBREAD I had laid out the ingredients needed to bake a batch of crispbread inspired from my friend Vera's mum's creations that I tasted when I visited their summerhouse in Staver… Read More
Saturday 6th Of August: Part I
2011-08-10 23:49
Stian and Victoria got married at last! It was a beautiful day- warm but not boiling, rain-free and full of fun moments! Everything went more or less according to what had been planned, thou… Read More
2011-08-06 00:20
It's way past our bedtime, Sara is running around in her flat trying to sort out whatever final stuff she has to do while I am waiting for my toenails to dry. The presents are packed, cards… Read More
Craving Of The Day
2011-08-01 10:57
REDCURRANT SORBET As you may know, Nigella is my culinary hero and just to make sure everyone is aware it's now official too: Weehey! This brings me to my latest craving for something that… Read More
Adiyaman, Pirin Caves And Mt. Nemrut!
2011-06-30 01:09
We took the morning flight from Istanbul to Adiyaman (A-duhh-ya-mahn)- an airport consisting of a tin roof and a luggage belt. Just for the sake of mentioning, both Vaishi and I were baffled… Read More
Istanbul Part 3: Snapshots
2011-06-22 01:40
I finally managed to fuse the memory card with a laptop to provide the blog with some visual media..! This is Vaishi eating pizza This is Vaishi in Hagia Sophia This is Jesus & Co fea… Read More
2011-06-17 05:48
Apologies for not sticking with the trip timeline as we are now in Ankara and it is nearly been a week since we left Istanbul :p So Im going to keep this short and pictures will follow! We s… Read More
Istanbul Part 1: Arrival!
2011-06-12 22:59
So we arrived safely and soundly (almost a week ago but yea whatever, balls to us for actually enjoying our holiday!) and our entire stay has been very relaxing if nothing else. Met a girl s… Read More

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