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2015-04-06 04:13
I finally forgot.It took me yearsbut I finally forgot.I wonder if you remembered I forgot.Maybe that means I didn't forget at all Read More
2015-03-23 03:17
I thought about you today.I haven't thought about you since I got here.hi.i miss you Read More
2015-03-23 03:17
I had a dream about you last night.We met again at a high school reunion.I was single, and destitute, and torn apart, and depressed, and telling people love didn't exist. Love wasn't kind, o… Read More
2015-03-23 03:16
Do you remember?I remember every moment.Every word I wrote to you, spoke to you, read to you.I remember every flower I stole for youI remember every excuse I grabbed to call youI rememb… Read More
2015-03-23 03:15
I found myself singing 'Creep' today.I don't know why.Radiohead's not even on my iTunes.thought of you.It made me smile.I haven't thought of you in a while.Silly, isn't it.Are you home? or j… Read More
2015-03-23 03:15
Can I just say something before I lose my mind completely?I've never stopped thinking about you. And I always wonder and wishGodif you had just.. gotten to know meif I had just not communica… Read More
2015-03-23 03:11
If, for whatsoever reason, I were todiein some horrific, unseeableaccident.ornot.Justbefore my 'time'I want you to know.That's okay.Six Feet Under taught me to never take a day for granted.S… Read More
2014-01-27 00:48
I've forgotten what it was like - waiting.And I remember the first night I realized I'd forgotten italonedarkin a home-sized bed listening to a recording of a never-sent confessionequally la… Read More

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