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Bodice Construction Notes Pt. 2
2010-07-25 18:59
Here's the next part to my bodice construction notes, dealing with piping, joining pieces together, and the neckline:Picking up where we left off, it's time to join the back to the two front… Read More
Bodice Preview
2010-07-13 03:12
This is where I'm at:To Do:Pipe BottomHem bottom liningFinish Top seam, Add elastic cordNeaten armscye seamsAdd buttons, hooks & eyesI aim to finish it (sans lace for now) in two days, e… Read More
Bodice Construction Notes
2010-07-10 06:52
OK, I've made a fair bit of progress on my bodice, I have the body assembled, one sleeve constructed and ready to be set, and trim ready to be sewn on. I'm going to begin posting some notes… Read More
Sleeve Time
2010-07-01 02:07
Thanks for all the nice comments on my bodice draft! :D I can't wait to get started on the real thing...I got my initial sleeve draft done and I just need to pattern it now.I'll be doing a f… Read More
Bodice Draft
2010-06-27 21:44
I've completed my bodice draft for fitting:I'm fairly happy with the shape. There's just a few minor tweaks I need to do to my final pattern. I used twill to line it, but I got some corset c… Read More
2010-06-14 18:48
Here's my finished petticoat!My cat Jonesy, who's usually not a scaredy cat, is terrified of the swishy taffeta monstrosity *evil grin* Read More
2010-06-11 19:15
I've got boot #1 outside drying:I may or may not put a second coat on it, it's going to be spiffied up with some black shoe polish anyway. I'm going to stop at the auto store and get some wh… Read More
I Can Has Floof?
2010-06-10 02:39
Ok, I have the ruffle gathered and pinned to my petticoat, I have the hem turned up and I stuck my horsehair in there, but I'm conflicted. I'm not sure if it looks too stiff or not. If so, I… Read More
2010-06-04 06:20
4 repeats finished (+2 motifs, I forgot to take a pic before). I honestly don't know after this just how I'll be able to fit it all in frame next time I have to take a pic! But to be honest… Read More
2010-05-30 21:18
I've started modding my boots today. My former-Marine-Corps father told me about how to dye my leather boots (and this will only work if you have real leather), since in the Corps he had to… Read More

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