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أداة نشر مجانية لمدونة الويب من Google، لمشاركة النصوص، والصور، والفيديو.
2014-07-06 05:11
Dear friends,When I began Our Red House back in May 2007 I never imagined that I would still be blogging 7 years later.In the intervening years my life and the world of blogging has changed… Read More
2014-02-13 09:38
It has recently occurred to me that I have now been blogging for nearly seven years.  Seven years! In that time my life has changed almost beyond recognition.Back in May 2007, when I wr… Read More
A Lacklustre Summer For Vegetables
2014-02-06 04:12
Despite some successes, this has been a frustrating summer for vegetable growing at our red house.While the self-seeded crops - celery, cherry tomatoes and pumpkins - are thriving, the rest… Read More
Dark Chocolate Ice Cream
2014-01-19 08:14
Melting fast!A couple of Christmases ago, my daughter gave me an electric ice cream maker. On sweltering days like today (41 degrees C), it is a godsend.For dessert tonight I made a very dar… Read More
Christmas Eve
2014-01-19 08:10
Today has been a delightfully relaxing Christmas Eve; a little wrapping of gifts, a few hours leisurely cooking, a Christmas Eve church service.Our Christmas Day will be simpler and quieter… Read More
Beautiful Robe
2014-01-19 08:08
Since we moved to Adelaide five years ago, we have tried to holiday somewhere different every summer, to experience as many places as possible in our new state. We are currently visiting Rob… Read More
Christmas Lights
2013-12-24 04:04
The thing with Christmas is that while part of me despises the crass consumerism and wants to yell "Bah, humbug!" at the world, another part adores the carols and food, the presents and deco… Read More
17th Birthday Dessert Night
2013-12-08 07:53
 For her 17th birthday my daughter requested a dessert night for herself and around ten of her best friends.I have rarely enjoyed organising a party so much, largely due to the active i… Read More
Escapee Chicken
2013-12-03 08:22
  Lola is our escapee chook. Where Ninja, Scarecrow and Nightmare are usually content to stay in their (ample) yard, Lola takes every opportunity to escape.Sometimes she digs under… Read More
First Tomatoes
2013-12-02 10:56
What is it about the first tomatoes of the season that is so exciting?  No other vegetable or fruit seems to inspire such enthusiasm. Is it because there is such a vast difference… Read More

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