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My musings on literature, film and life over a cup of steaming tea.
2011-02-26 03:38
I feel as though I live caught between different worlds, as though each aspect of my personality has to be consciously chosen. “I didn’t choose what I am.” I could be, I co… Read More
2011-02-23 02:08
I’m not sure what’s currently the matter with me. I guess I’m just in a rut, at least on the emotional front. A fresh wave of nostalgia breaks over each morning and every n… Read More
2011-02-20 19:14
Most of my friends blast country or the top ten on their radios when their hurtling down the highway enjoying the freedom of solitary driving; I don’t. I mention music frequently on he… Read More
2011-02-07 22:13
It’s a sad day, my literature loving friends: Brian Jacques passed away today. Many of you are probably familiar with his Redwall series, wonderful stories of woodland creatures. When… Read More
2011-02-02 23:42
I want to chronicle my college career. Maybe that will stay here, or perhaps, when on May 1, 2011, I make the looming decision of which college to attend, I’ll have a fresh place&mdash&hell…Read More
2010-11-28 22:03
It started with the usual bustle of trying to finish up last minute work for holidays, food shopping, preparing for my brother to come home for a few days, and general mayhem. By Tuesday, St… Read More
2010-11-17 12:48
I know that the web is all abuzz about a grave stone that’s being used as a tourist attraction due to the deceased’s name being Harry Potter, and sure, that doesn’t look go… Read More
2010-11-12 16:51
Well blogging world, it’s been a while. I’ve decided to come back to blogging, at least for a time, right hear on Ruby’s Serendipity. I’m basically too lazy to start… Read More
A Thought-Provoking Film
2010-07-13 00:58
Fear not, readers--I'm not dead, I haven't been abducted and I don't plan on just using the blog for movies. Honestly--I have a few dozen book posts planned that I simply haven't worked my w… Read More
A Must-See
2010-06-24 12:48
Yes, I went to see Knight and Day without great expectations. I figured that I would have a laugh or two; I figured it would be loaded with "questionable content," making the fact that my da… Read More

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