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Navigating My Landscape.
2013-11-20 17:33
If you'll forgive me for a second, I'm going to start with banana bread: it's a thick ol' piece, from Cafe Solstice up on University Way. The secret is that it is studded with chunks of whit… Read More
Not If I Don't Want It To Be
2013-10-26 04:08
I'm so certainly in America right now. There's really no confusing it: the grains I've eaten this week include farro and two types of quinoa; the beers are all heady IPAs or pumpkin-flavored… Read More
A Tour Of Our Japanese Apartment
2013-09-18 23:20
As I type this, I'm standing at my kitchen counter, and movers are bustling around me. Almost all our furniture is out of here, including my grandmother's 1940s sofa that barely fit out the… Read More
I Will Forget.
2013-09-12 03:04
These days, as I bike down the street, as I enter my gym, as I go to the fish market, I'm chanting in my head. Remember, remember. I'm willing myself to make mental photos, like that of my h… Read More
Japanese Health & Body Image :: The Good
2013-09-04 02:09
‘Japanese people are healthy.’ Of all the stereotypes that exist about this country, this is probably one of the most innocuous and accepted. Of course it’s not that simple… Read More
We're Leaving Japan
2013-08-21 01:57
One month from yesterday, at 5pm JST, we will be leaving Japan for good.One month from today, at 3pm PST, we will be landing in America. For good.My emotional state right now is all ove… Read More
Turkey & Croatia :: The Details (Part I)
2013-07-12 03:09
When we landed in Frankfurt and were hopping over to Munich before heading to Istanbul (it sounds like a joke, but it's not), we had to go through customs. The German customs officer looked… Read More
Turkey & Croatia :: The Details (Part II)
2013-07-12 00:16
Where did I last leave you? Oh, right: Istanbul, my favorite city in the world. (Second to Seattle, of course). Splitting our time in Istanbul, Amos and I decided to head to Cappadocia (as s… Read More

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