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We’ve Moved
2012-10-03 01:48
Hi Pals! Just dropping a note to say that we’ve moved our blog! Still interested in seeing our love notes? Pop by here and stay connected with us via twitter, facebook and instagram… Read More
Jesse & Cale
2012-09-13 15:00
My hand at illustration was challenged earlier this summer when a pal asked me for a watercolour illustration of her and her future husband for their wedding invites. With the habit of never… Read More
Wedding Website: Sneak Peak
2012-09-06 18:00
Well this is exciting! I love wedding websites, but (as a designer) I hate the templated ones. With the help of my good pal Karl from Hexapixel Media and my super quick design (right Karlos… Read More
Hee Haw!
2012-09-04 15:00
Remember Hee Haw? Hee Haw Collective was at it again! This years theme, MEAT! YUM! I couldn’t be a vegetarian if I tried. Although… for me, it’s really all about the sauc… Read More
Illustrated “How To”
2012-08-27 16:00
If you don’t already know this, I do have a full time job at a wee design studio/agency called The Met Agency. Every few weeks each of us does a blog post. This week I decided to do a… Read More
2012-08-20 14:00
If you follow me on instagram, you’ll likely know that I post pics of tonnes of my doodles. It’s my favourite thing to do. I love illustrating type! This little angry panda was… Read More
Command Love
2012-08-16 14:00
Mike and I have a wedding venue! There is light! With our wedding now slightly over a year away, we’re slowly getting our stuff together. I’m of the mind set that if we do little… Read More
2012-06-20 02:19
Conducting a wee giveaway on the ‘ol Facebook page. If you LIKE the FB page and comment on the photo before Friday, you could WIN one of these prints from the Whiteout Workshop screen… Read More
Screen Printing With Whiteout Workshop
2012-06-13 15:00
My pal Janet was real keen to take a screen printing class that Whiteout Workshop was offering over a weekend. It’s been years (…really over a decade) since I’ve last indu… Read More
2012-05-28 15:04
A stunning bride asked me to create simple and elegant thank you cards with the beautiful line “my heart is full of love.” How pretty is that! Black ink on white card. With a lin… Read More

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