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My Office
2016-09-11 23:03
Most of the time that I am awake, I spend in my office. I share the office with three gentlemen. One of them is originally from Germany but he has lived in the US for more than twenty years… Read More
2016-08-26 21:30
August has been so busy and I cannot believe it is almost over. After the few problems in the beginning of my employment, everything has turned out to be so great and I do enjoy what I am do… Read More
Pompano Beach
2016-08-02 22:23
Me and Ms. V got the keys to our apartment on Sunday afternoon.We took most of our stuff already with us that we would not need to move in after the first work day on Monday. This decision w… Read More
Hello From Florida!
2016-08-02 22:13
After Las Vegas, we headed to New York. There, I started the preparations for upcoming move to Florida (which will be my new home for the next six months, yeeey!). I did a laundry in the hot… Read More
Death Valley And My Personal Heat Record
2016-07-23 16:08
Last time when we were in California (3 years ago), we visited the Yosemite National Park. This time, it was time for Death Valley. First of all, it was going to be an extremely hot day and… Read More
The Ghost Town
2016-07-22 17:17
We did a day trip from Las Vegas to Rhyolite and to Death Valley (posting following). Here is a short film from the photos I took in Rhyolite. It was difficult to imagine that 110 years ago… Read More
Viva Las Vegas!
2016-07-22 00:25
"Veni, vidi, vici" - Julius CaesarOur two night trip to Las Vegas is so well summarized in those three words. Let me go more in details. VeniWe left Los Angeles early on Monday morning… Read More
Go With The Flow
2016-07-18 04:34
It is time to say goodbye to Los Angeles and spin the tyres of Mustang towards Las Vegas. Here in LA we chilled out, met our friends Amy, Jenna and Terri and went with the flow. Here ar… Read More
There Are No Kangaroos In Austria
2016-07-17 14:00
The small talk is something what I am not good at all. Slowly, I'm getting used to greet people for instance at the cashier "Hi, how are you" instead of "Hi". Sometimes, others keep talking… Read More
You Cannot Stop The Upgrades
2016-07-16 19:17
Here at Redondo Beach we are staying in Redondo Pier Inn. We found this hotel via and selected it because of its location. We can walk to the Redondo Pier & Beach (where for… Read More

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World, this is me. Me, this is the world


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