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Whirlwind End Of The Semester
2010-05-24 22:27
I realize that my blog has ended rather unceremoniously as a result of the whirlwind that was my last month in Spain. I was perfectly fine with letting it go since I figured no one would no… Read More
Gyros, Honkeys, And Sunsets
2010-04-28 21:43
So it’s taking me forever to finish recapping my spring break, but I’m finally onto Greece now. After leaving Istanbul, we really didn’t know what to expect in Santorini… Read More
2010-04-23 08:37
And I do have the U2 song stuck in my head right now. But seriously, it's gorgeous out. The sun is finally here along with warm weather and a cool spring breeze. All I want to do is head… Read More
Is That The Call To Prayer AND Lady Gaga?
2010-04-20 13:31
First impressions of this culturally saturated city couldn’t even begin to explain my obsession with the European cultural capital of 2010. When my friends booked their flight to Ista… Read More
Where Did This Semester Go?
2010-03-31 18:20
So I just had the overwhelming realization that my semester is practically done. We have 37 days left in Spain. THIRTY SEVEN. That's nothing! I just had my last class before spring break, a… Read More
Somebody Call 911
2010-03-26 23:16
Ok so I guess I'll just give a little recap of the rest of Fallas. It definitely did pick up the pace towards the end.La Ofrenda was just tens times bigger and longer than I was expecting… Read More
2010-03-18 15:01
Meant to post this yesterday. I had internet in my apartment for a fleeting moment so I didn´t feel like trekking over to the internet cafe. I made the journey today.Well, not quite c… Read More
2010-03-14 17:11
What is Fallas, you ask? Probably the greatest thing ever invented, in my opinion. It could just be my youthful, idealist expectations, though. There are conflicting views on the subject… Read More
Canary Islands
2010-03-14 16:59
So I finally have a minute to sit down and update. Let me start with last weekend, when I went to the Canary Islands with a group from the program to stay with my friend Ashley who is livin… Read More

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