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Being married to a trans is special, especially if you are in love like we've been for 41 years. I support staying in a marriage because I know Angela's transition saved ours. You can read about the sequence in About Me. I want to connect with you, share our stories, answer and ask questions, and become friends.
2014-03-21 04:16
Yes, I know, more than two years have gone by, and some of you may be wondering if all is well. YES! Everything remains wonderful. We've now been happily married 47 years.Our grandchildren a… Read More
2012-06-20 22:13
I feed the birds at least three times a week. I use a step ladder every time. It only has two steps, so it isn't dangerous. . . unless there is a two-inch gap between the porch and the… Read More
2012-06-20 22:09
We have an exercise room, and we do use it, sporadically. One of us gets The Bug, and we exercise every day for, oh, let's say two months. Then, we begin to fall off our regime until th… Read More
The New Puppy
2012-06-20 22:06
"We don't need another dog," Angela said."Of course we do, we used to have three, and now we only have two," I said.I wait. I wait another week. And then, my Angela came through. She said, "… Read More
2012-06-20 21:40
I just love watching Angela work. She is a whirling dervish. No kidding. She never stops. She seems to be in several places at once. I look one way, and there she is setting up tables, I loo… Read More
2012-05-28 00:19
I drove the RV. I really did it. I didn't run off the road, knock anything over, or scratch the side. I stayed between the lines, made great turn,s and stopped at the white line. And, Angela… Read More
2012-04-04 23:30
Don't you hate it when you have something in storage that you'd really rather have on display? I do. In this particular case, it was a set of lights that have been boxed up for several years… Read More
2012-02-27 18:43
"That tree  has to come down, it's a mess," I said."No problem," my TS, Angela, answers, and off she went to cut it down.I usually help with this sort of job as she has a… Read More
It Was A Very Small Window.
2012-02-21 01:20
Angela is getting into breaking and entering these days.A couple of our RVing friends have managed to become locked out of their fifth wheels. Each have called on Angela to help. Despit… Read More

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TransMarried: Transgender Couple, married and happy about it


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